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Amorgos is located in Aegean Sea and is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group. Along with several neighboring small islands, it comprises the municipality of Amorgos, which has a land area of 126.3 kmē, and a population of 1,859 (2001).
The island is situated 135,5 nautical miles south east of the port of Piraeus and has two ports: Aegiali and Katapola.

Geography of Amorgos

Amorgos is a cycladic island of Aegean Sea. Amorgos belong in group of East Cyclades islands of Greece. Amorgos is found in south-eastern utmost Cyclades and her surface is appreciated in the 121 sq km while it has length of coasts 126 kilometres.


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Geography Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades islands group, and...

history - culture

Culture Amorgos is also known as Patagy, or Platagy, Karkisia, Psichia, Yperia, and Pagali...

amorgos people

People The locations traditional festivals take place every year, in memory of the...

amorgos villages

Villages Learn about Chora, Aegiali, Tholaria, Langada, Potamos, Katapola, Arkesini, Kolofana, Vroutsi...

chora of amorgos

Chora The beautiful Hora (capital) of Amorgos, with excellent walking...

windmills of amorgos

Windmills The most of them are located at the end chora's in an idyllic location among steep rocky peaks...

amorgos beaches

Beaches There are several beaches along the coast line. Agia Anna is the beach...

small islands

Small Islands close to Amorgos Several small islands known as Small Cyclades are located in west side of Amorgos...

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